Reiki Session


A Safe Reiki session usually lasts an hour.

  1. Come in, take your shoes off, turn your mobile off, make yourself comfortable
  2. I will explain hands-on or hands-off Reiki, so you can decide which you are most comfortable with
  3. Fill in a form with your name, a contact phone number or email, a few health checkboxes and permission for me to share Reiki with you
  4. Tell me if you wish Reiki healing for anything specific
  5. I ask you to meaningfully read out loud the Five Reiki Principles to show your heart is in the right place for this Reiki session
  6. You may sit down or lie on a couch, close your eyes and relax. If relaxation is a problem, don’t worry, feel your body weight pressing down, notice the movement in your body as you breathe, listen to the soft music that is playing, focus on what you feel rather than what you think, and let Reiki naturally relax you
  7. Whether you choose hands-on or hands-off Reiki, I respect your dignity and privacy at all times and do not touch sensitive or sexual areas
  8. I usually work from head to toe and this takes about half an hour give or take 15 minutes
  9. People report feeling heavy like a stone, light and floaty, energetic, sleepy or nothing unusual at all. Your experience will be unique to you. Reiki will have occurred though, so I will give you a glass of water to help ground you into the here and now and welcome you back to Great Harwood, Lancashire
  10. We can exchange feedback about the session and discuss any other matters. That’s it!
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