Reiki, Peace And Drugs

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Drugged up, dumbed down or free with Reiki and peace?
Drugged up, dumbed down or free with Reiki and peace?

My Reiki teachers taught me to share Reiki for the greatest good of all and I always share Reiki in this way. If a client is open, receptive and has good intentions, Reiki will naturally heal the parts where it is most needed and can heal mind, body and soul. Cool or what!

Reiki Works Alongside Medical Drugs

In general Reiki is not a replacement for medical drugs but works alongside. There are some exceptions, for example some people on low doses of tranquillisers replace them with Reiki to good effect. But more usually Reiki eases the anxiety caused by illness and recovery is assisted, no matter what the illness is or how severe it is. Reiki can also help with ending repeat courses of drugs and removing the dependence on medical drugs. Reiki works no matter what medical drugs a person is on but may not be as noticeable if lots of drugs are involved. Then again I have a client who underwent a full chemotherapy treatment and reported some quite amazing and beautiful experiences whilst receiving Reiki – an example of how individuals respond to Reiki in their own personal unique way.

Recreational Drugs are Non-Essential

Hippy, druggie or just appreciating her wonderful life?
Hippy, druggie or just appreciating her wonderful life?

Reiki and peace are sometimes associated with hippies or druggies and an altered state of reality induced by recreational drugs. Some so-called Reiki masters or peace lovers may indeed partake in such drugs and make out they are ultra-cool. In my experience they hang out with other drug users so they can have a ready supply and the next high becomes the main focus of their lives. They become unreliable, saying one thing but doing another, and start to avoid non-users because they don’t like the “straight” reality anymore. They choose their drug habit. It is not an essential for their well-being, although dependency can make it seem essential.

Reiki and Peace Replace Recreational Drugs

In contrast to medical drugs, Reiki and peace are replacements for recreational drugs and work better when the client gives up those drugs. Rather than giving an altered state of reality, Reiki and peace encourage acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment of the “straight” reality. For many people, reality is harsh and hard but it doesn’t have to be that way. By discovering your true self, you find all the comfort and joy you need to enjoy this life. It all starts on the inside. You do not need drugs to experience a beautiful high and for a harmonious reality to become the norm. Reiki helps you get there. The peace I am talking about is that true high and it is perfectly possible for every single human being on the face of this earth to feel peace daily in their lives.

That which you are looking for is already inside you
That which you are looking for is already inside you

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