Reiki is non-religious

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Reach longevity through softness
Reach longevity through softness

Reiki is non-religious but some words, such as heaven, divine and spirit, express the essence of Reiki really well. Some may say that ki (aka qi, xi or chi) – meaning the universal life energy – is religious, but from ancient times people have been thankful for being alive and gazed in wonder at the universe, wondering what’s it all about. Perhaps this has turned into religion for some groups, but isn’t it simply a human thing? Isn’t being alive and being human an awe-inspiring event?

So we look for things to express the inexpressible, to express our longing for fulfillment, or our thirst for the ultimate human experience. The following comes from the I Ching. It particularly applies to Reiki because qi is the ki in Reiki, earth is where we are living and Reiki is very much connected with the earth element and also the ground or root which is used so we stay focused and conscious in the here and now. It is also a wonderfully concise instruction for Reiki participants to follow.

Precious Air Of Heaven

Swallow the precious air of heaven in order to nourish the Qi.
Borrow the enormous strength of earth in order to grow root.
Reach longevity through softness.

I Ching

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