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Have you thought about peace lately? Safe Reiki hosts Peace Education Programme (PEP) sessions which last an hour. I do not teach anything, you learn from the DVDs. You get a workbook and some written materials to take away and keep. There are gaps in the session to allow you to write notes, share any thoughts or think about what you’ve just seen. There are no tests and you learn at your own pace.

My motivation for hosting the Peace Education Programme comes from the inspiration and insight I have gained. The DVDs are well-produced, I love watching them and I think Harwood folk will enjoy them. They communicate heart to heart, so if you listen with your heart, rather than your mind, you will get a lot out of the PEP. There are many profound truths to be learned. Note that the peace we are talking about is non-religious and accessible to people of all varieties, even Lancashire folk like me :-) Try it and see – PEPs are free and without obligation.

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We are billion year old carbon - Joni Mitchell

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