Great Harwood Reiki and Peace


Reiki and peace are available in Blackburn Town Centre
Reiki and peace are available in Blackburn Town Centre

Safe Reiki in Great Harwood does Reiki and also hosts the Peace Education Programme. So why and what’s the connection?

For me, peace came first and I practice peace every day, trying to stay in conscious contact with the amazing energy within me. I’ve been doing this most of my life. Then I discovered Reiki and and its healing, energizing possibilities in 2016 at a Reiki share in Blackburn. Reiki is about feeling and now I had an opportunity to do something based on feeling rather than words and ideas, so it felt just right for me. Words can never quite express our feelings inside, they always seem lacking, but Reiki gave me a chance to express myself without words and communicate something very special.

Something special about Reiki and peace

That something special is the peace within, the infinite, the true love, the essence of life, the undefinable oneness that is beyond words. (See how I’m struggling to put it into words? That’s because nobody can put it into words). That something special is also the Reiki healing, the energy flow through the chakras and meridians, through every cell in our body, the energy flow that people all have but experience it in different ways. Some people feel this as waves, others see it as colours, some float or feel weightless, for another it might be a euphoric pulsation, and another feels like an immovable rock with no desire to go anywhere for the next billion years, and many others just “feel good”.

Reiki and peace are here in Blackburn centre
Reiki and peace are here in Blackburn centre

Experience beyond words in Great Harwood

So Great Harwood Reiki and peace are both beyond words, just like they are beyond words anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world, so why not come and have the experience yourself right here in Great Harwood?

Experience peace in Great Harwood

The Peace Education Programme (PEP) is free without obligation and consists of 10 hour-long DVDs divided into easy chunks so you can write in your workbook, think about it or express your feelings. There are no exams, you’re not competing, you’re learning about yourself.

Experience Reiki in Great Harwood

Reiki is free for the first session, with various discounts available, not because it is cheap but because once you’ve had the experience you realize that money just can’t buy this feeling and you want to share it with as many people as possible because it’s so good. You can feel more like your real self, let go of aches and pains and worries, and feel stronger and more ready to face the world. Reiki has also been know to cure illness, disease and chronic pain, so who knows what Reiki will do for you until you give it a try.

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