Have you thought about peace lately? Safe Reiki hosts Peace Education Programme (PEP) sessions which last an hour. I do not teach anything, you learn from the DVDs. You get a workbook and some written materials to take away and keep. There are gaps in the session to allow you to write notes, share any thoughts or think about what you’ve just seen. There are no tests and you learn at your own pace.

My motivation for hosting the Peace Education Programme comes from the inspiration and insight I have gained. The DVDs are well-produced, I love watching them and I think Harwood folk will enjoy them. They communicate heart to heart, so if you listen with your heart, rather than your mind, you will get a lot out of the PEP. There are many profound truths to be learned. Note that the peace we are talking about is non-religious and accessible to people of all varieties, even Lancashire folk like me :-) Try it and see – PEPs are free and without obligation.

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We are billion year old carbon - Joni Mitchell

A Safe Reiki session usually lasts an hour.

  1. Come in, take your shoes off, turn your mobile off, make yourself comfortable
  2. I will explain hands-on or hands-off Reiki, so you can decide which you are most comfortable with
  3. Fill in a form with your name, a contact phone number or email, a few health checkboxes and permission for me to share Reiki with you
  4. Tell me if you wish Reiki healing for anything specific
  5. I ask you to meaningfully read out loud the Five Reiki Principles to show your heart is in the right place for this Reiki session
  6. You may sit down or lie on a couch, close your eyes and relax. If relaxation is a problem, don’t worry, feel your body weight pressing down, notice the movement in your body as you breathe, listen to the soft music that is playing, focus on what you feel rather than what you think, and let Reiki naturally relax you
  7. Whether you choose hands-on or hands-off Reiki, I respect your dignity and privacy at all times and do not touch sensitive or sexual areas
  8. I usually work from head to toe and this takes about half an hour give or take 15 minutes
  9. People report feeling heavy like a stone, light and floaty, energetic, sleepy or nothing unusual at all. Your experience will be unique to you. Reiki will have occurred though, so I will give you a glass of water to help ground you into the here and now and welcome you back to Great Harwood, Lancashire
  10. We can exchange feedback about the session and discuss any other matters. That’s it!
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Can you feel it? - Mr Fingers

what keeps that moon up where it is?
What keeps that moon up where it is?

“The universal life force energy” or, as I call it, “the energy of life”, can suggest imagery, concepts and ideas of all kinds. To know what it really is, we need the experience of it for ourselves. I think this poem by Rumi suggests, describes or evokes the experience of Reiki as well as any words I’ve read.

Some Kiss We Want

There is some kiss
We want with our whole lives,
The touch of Spirit on the body.
Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell.
And the lily, how passionately
It needs some wild darling!
At night, I open the window and ask the moon
To come and press its face against mine.
Breathe into me.
Close the language-door and
Open the love-window.
The moon won’t use the door,
Only the window.

Drugged up, dumbed down or free with Reiki and peace?
Drugged up, dumbed down or free with Reiki and peace?

My Reiki teachers taught me to share Reiki for the greatest good of all and I always share Reiki in this way. If a client is open, receptive and has good intentions, Reiki will naturally heal the parts where it is most needed and can heal mind, body and soul. Cool or what!

Reiki Works Alongside Medical Drugs

In general Reiki is not a replacement for medical drugs but works alongside. There are some exceptions, for example some people on low doses of tranquillisers replace them with Reiki to good effect. But more usually Reiki eases the anxiety caused by illness and recovery is assisted, no matter what the illness is or how severe it is. Reiki can also help with ending repeat courses of drugs and removing the dependence on medical drugs. Reiki works no matter what medical drugs a person is on but may not be as noticeable if lots of drugs are involved. Then again I have a client who underwent a full chemotherapy treatment and reported some quite amazing and beautiful experiences whilst receiving Reiki – an example of how individuals respond to Reiki in their own personal unique way.

Recreational Drugs are Non-Essential

Hippy, druggie or just appreciating her wonderful life?
Hippy, druggie or just appreciating her wonderful life?

Reiki and peace are sometimes associated with hippies or druggies and an altered state of reality induced by recreational drugs. Some so-called Reiki masters or peace lovers may indeed partake in such drugs and make out they are ultra-cool. In my experience they hang out with other drug users so they can have a ready supply and the next high becomes the main focus of their lives. They become unreliable, saying one thing but doing another, and start to avoid non-users because they don’t like the “straight” reality anymore. They choose their drug habit. It is not an essential for their well-being, although dependency can make it seem essential.

Reiki and Peace Replace Recreational Drugs

In contrast to medical drugs, Reiki and peace are replacements for recreational drugs and work better when the client gives up those drugs. Rather than giving an altered state of reality, Reiki and peace encourage acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment of the “straight” reality. For many people, reality is harsh and hard but it doesn’t have to be that way. By discovering your true self, you find all the comfort and joy you need to enjoy this life. It all starts on the inside. You do not need drugs to experience a beautiful high and for a harmonious reality to become the norm. Reiki helps you get there. The peace I am talking about is that true high and it is perfectly possible for every single human being on the face of this earth to feel peace daily in their lives.

That which you are looking for is already inside you
That which you are looking for is already inside you

My Reiki room clock is never wrong
My Reiki room clock is never wrong

The clock in my Reiki room never shows the wrong time, even if I remove the battery, or even if I move the hands! It always shows the time is NOW! We live in now, not a second before or after, but always right now. We look at our watch, but that only tells us the importance of now, we don’t want to miss anything.

But having said that, how many of us really live in the moment called now?

We dream of tomorrow, or what we’re going to do later, or what we must do before such a time; or we reflect on what we just said, what we just did, what he or she just did, what we did in our lives, what happened when we were young etc.

A sundial never tells the past time or future time
A sundial never tells the past time or future time

How much time do we spend thinking of the past or future?

Everything now is real, so it is obvious that we are missing a lot of reality when we dwell on past or future events. We are exchanging reality for illusion, for a mirage, exchanging a real experience for a thought or a memory.

Persistence Of Memory by Salvador Dali
Persistence Of Memory by Salvador Dali

So how do we live in the moment and make the most of our time on this planet?

I practise peace which involves consciousness of the here and now, and I practise Reiki which also involves the same consciousness. I am not bragging, I am very lucky to know this. Everyone can know this. We all have choices. Whatever we do the most, we get good at, it’s a law of nature. So if we choose to be conscious of this moment and practice, we can get good at it. How much do we want to be conscious? How much unconsiousness will we put up with? Are we prepared to let unconsciousness lead us into all kinds of situations and problems? Or are we going to enjoy this moment called now and discover forever? The time for Reiki, peace and happiness is now and if we can keep finding our way to the moment called now, we’ll enjoy a beautiful life.

Clouds and clarity come and go but if we stay conscious we will find our way
Clouds and clarity come and go but if we stay conscious we will find our way